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lemonscented's Journal

lemon-scented graphics! ♥
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  • lemonscented@livejournal.com

( ABOUT ) welcome to lemonscented, SEER's graphic/icon journal. the journal is mainly composed of anime and gaming icons, though you'll sometimes see icons from movies or tv shows. as of right now, this journal is PUBLIC. also right now, only icons are frequently made. layouts and banners are soon to come.

( RULES ) when you're wanting to take an icon or two, leave a comment and say which ones you're taking. also, you don't have to ask. just comment and take. and while i would prefer credit, i'm not gonna hunt you down and kill you if you don't. it's just polite and super-nice to do and it takes all of 2 seconds. if you take them and say you made them all yourself, though, that's just rude. direct-linking is also a no-no. chi mainly uses her domain to host her icons, and sucking up bandwidth is bad, so don't do it mmmkay?

( RESOURCES ) colorfilter, inxsomniax,
my_wonderful, crumblingwalls, icontemplation, peach-blush.ORG, angelic-trust.NET, miss m's brushes, trex-tures